Day 7

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Fast: Water & Juice until 1 p.m.

“Satisfaction guaranteed”

Psalm 34: 8 says “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him”

Today, I pray you are encouraged by this scripture written by David. David was a young shepherd after God’s heart, who experienced the Lord’s goodness on several occasions. During this time, David gave thanks unto God and encouraged others to do so because he had escaped danger from King Abimelech by behaving as a madman in fear of being treated as a threat to the King. David’s reasoning worked in his favor and was told to flee unharmed. David understood that he could’ve been severely harmed and treated like a dangerous captive. Though David was truly in danger, his heart trusted the Lord in humility. David took note of the mercy God had shown and rejoiced in the Lord with thanksgiving.

David invites us to simply seek and trust the Lord in whatever situation you may be in. Living in a time where the majority of everything is pretty much out of our control, we are assured by David that we can take refuge in trusting in the Lord JesusChrist.  Looking into the lives of several characters in the Bible we can see that not only David experienced the goodness of the Lord But there were 37 miracles that had great impact in the lives of the people in the New Testament, where Jesus walked the earth. Imagine someone telling you to go to Jesus and as you obeyed,you saw your circumstances change. This is what happened for many people in the Bible and is still happening in many lives today. This is what it means to taste and to see that the Lord is good. Guaranteed satisfaction is granted when you take refuge in Jesus Christ, whether you suffer from broken-heartedness, physical sickness, financial hardship, family loss or difficulties.At times, we look for satisfaction that can only be found when we put our hope in Jesus Christ.  Has doubt prevented you from trusting the Lord to satisfy your needs or longings?

Lives can be changed by your message of hope when we share the times we trust in the Lord and have experienced his goodness. Satisfaction and contentment are found when we know that we can totally trust and depend on the Lord to meet us at the place we are. Allow something life changing to happen today as you take time to acknowledge who God is and what he can

LaShawna M. Townsend

Prayer Target:
The MTC’s to be effective

Ministry Challenge:
Memorize a scripture

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