Evangelism Ministry

For four decades Victory Outreach has been heeding the call to evangelism in the inner cities of the world. From one on one personal witnessing to city wide crusades in the USA and overseas, the efforts of evangelism in Victory Outreach go unprecedented in the inner city as do the results. Multitudes around the globe have found a new destiny in Christ through the evangelistic efforts of Victory Outreach.

Victory Outreach members are so overjoyed with the new life they have found in Christ, that evangelism does not become a routine activity but a daily lifestyle. Life style evangelism, to share the good news of Christ personally with others has become a characteristic of our members.

Victory Outreach has also been on the forefront of city wide evangelistic crusades, using innovative strategies to bring the gospel to thousands world wide. Evangelism teams from all around the world gather at a targeted city to do what Victory Outreach does best, evangelize the hurting people of the world. Using evangelistic techniques such as musical concerts with the very best in Christian music, dramatic presentations with originally composed live music, live action stages complete with sound and lighting, and inspirational acting. Thousands have gathered at these crusades, held in all parts of the world to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Victory Outreach has evangelized and held crusades in the U.S.A and such places around the globe as Africa, Central America, South America, Mexico, Curacao, Philippines, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

After the crusades are over and the evangelism teams are gone, the work of Victory Outreach is not finished; it’s has just begun as a newly planted church is usually left in place to nurture the new believers in Christ from the crusade and to continue the work of the ministry.