Day 3

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Fast: Fruit smoothies, juices & hot broths from 6am – 6pm

And thou shall be called sought out, a city not forsaken. Isaiah 62:12

Hello UWIM: I am writing to you from the beautiful country of Panama. I am currently ministering here and spending time investing into the leadership and people of Victory Outreach!  It is a thriving base that sits within the heart of the city shining as a beacon of hope for the lost treasures out of darkness in Latin America.

As I follow the bible reading plan given to us by Sister Julie, I came upon this scripture in Isaiah. Immediately it spoke to me of God’s ordained for VOI to inhabit desolate cities.

Because of the vision and the faithfulness of men and women answering the call of God to plant churches, this scripture has now become a reality for Panama.

The amazing truth that this scripture testifies to is that Panama was sought out by the Lord of the harvest because of his great love for the lost. Then Victory Outreach stepped out in obedience and we have been able to establish a church that is reaching out. The city is no longer forsaken but now has hope and the message of salvation is being preached and many are being redeemed.

God seeks out cities that have been forsaken in order to send out His laborers to bring in the harvest. What better way to spend our lives bringing hope to forsaken cites and seeing the redeeming power of God to save and deliver the lost.

This scripture also tells us that “cities” which have been sought out are no longer desolate. Panama is no longer desolate, she was sought out by the Lord and now there is a fruitful, alive and growing church proclaiming the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

However we must continue as United Women in Ministry to pray and fast for the

continued presence and power of God to be poured out in a miraculous way. So as we unite on this corporate 40 day fast set your affections on the calling from on high.  Pray that God will use you to open the heavens over the inner cities of the world, and that these cities will no longer be forsaken because we will answer the call to take His message to them.

God Bless You!

Mitzi Morales

Prayer Target:
Pray for Multi Regional Leaders, Regional Pastors and their families

Ministry Challenge:
Make a home or hospital visit

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