Day 2

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Fast: Fruits and vegetables 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Gen. 32 Wrestling With God Devotion Jacob wrestles with an angel

Jacob is in a family situation that has always left him uneasy for stealing his brothers first born blessing. It was always unfinished business that now he had to confront without mommy on his side to coach him. It was now, brother to brother, man to man. This caused a lot of anxiety in him the night before. He finds himself alone, the only way to be intimate with God is when we are all alone. He can’t sleep and finally goes to sleep with all this on his mind not sure of all that is going to happen the next day. His Dream is related to his anxiety, but also has a spiritual meaning: He was not fighting his brother for his inheritance, he was wrestling with God and it was God all along who had blessed him. Even without all the scheming on his and his mom’s part God had planned his inheritance to be what it was. What about the limp? The limp is something that would mark him permanently, as a reminder of his encounter. A reminder of his lost years with his brother and his parents due to their scheming? A reminder that he is not fighting flesh and blood but he’s fighting God and will always lose the fight but win the blessing because we don’t need to fight we need to surrender and the blessings are already part of our inheritance and we can have our blessings without a fight, without a limp? Not to mention his mother Rachel who came up with the crazy scheme. She created a lot of conflict and strife along the way. Her family was left divided, (side note: here we go again, history repeated itself! Abraham, kind of passive when Sarah came up with her plan to “Help God ”, how history repeats itself in our families) broken, isolated from one another, all because we want our way. Maybe if she had submitted to God’s authority both her sons would have received a firstborn inheritance and none of the rest of this would have happened. Conclusion: God doesn’t need our help. Sometimes as women we want to control, decide, manipulate based on our own understanding and we create a mess. Heartache. All because we lean on our own understanding. Lord, have mercy on us. What situation are we facing that we wish we could control? Especially in the lives of our kids. Hands off. Submitting to the roles God has given us, wrestling with God in prayer without all the manipulating and scheming will result in the blessings without the limp. A limp keeps you from the abilities to do a lot of other things God may intend for us. It is a good reminder that we could trust Him and that because He touched our hip socket, His grace gives us the ability to accomplish all He intends us to even though we walk with a limp. It just slows us down, but as we walk slower with our Savior, we enjoy the walk and His company more, we enjoy the journey. Enjoy your walk with God today!

Gloria Castro/NE Hispanic Region

Prayer Target:
Elders Rick, Sonny Jr., Saul, Mitchell, Tom, Joe, Al & Jesus & their families

Ministry Challenge:
Invite an unsaved person to church

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