Day 9

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Fast: Water & Juice until 1 p.m

The Lord Hears You

Psalm 34:17-18 The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Today’s devotional will be a reminder that no matter what season you are in your walk and faith in God, He is listening to you and has been hearing your prayers. From someone who is believing for a miracle, for someone that is believing for a dear loved ones salvation, financial miracle, or in a season where you just find yourself so hard to trust in God because of your surroundings.

Trust is something we say to others so often “Trust in God sis” “ Don’t worry sis, everything will get better” “Leave it in Gods hands sis”…. But when it comes to us, we wish we can believe what we say to others. Recently, I was in that season where it seemed to be where everything was going wrong left and right…. I would pray and pray but seemed to be where nothing was being answered… One morning I begin to think how David will earnestly pray and worship God through his season, how Job has everything taken away from him still was loyal to God. Then I begin to think of my leaders that have endured so much pain and suffering and still stand strong when it was so dark and so hard to see the light. I said to myself, “How can I not trust you in these seasons?” I had to Rise and stand up and proclaim the promises of God over my life.

Today, I want to encourage you to stand and believe in His promises. We are in a season where we will fight mighty battles for what we want to see break lose in our spiritual lives, in our ministries, and where we have been sowing seeds. We must earnestly cry out to God, but make sure our hearts are right and pure before God. Sometimes we tend to cry out to God and  our hearts are not even right before God. We need to take the ugly out of our hearts and clear our polluted minds that might be filled with doubt, lies and come before God purified, making sure we don’t dishonor Him or displease him when we come to Him for help. The scripture says in Psalms 37:17 “The RIGHTEOUS cry out! Righteous means coming pure, right, and honorable before God. Then He promises us to rescue us from our problems. The bible is full of promises and now is the time to claim them and Proclaim over everything we are believing for. Let a new urgency arise in our hearts to step into a miracle season! This is not a time to shrink back! This is not a time to hold back! Fight for what you are believing for because He hears you! He is getting to Rescue you! He is not done with you!

Prayer Target:
UWC Membership Growth for Church planting & pioneering Pastors

Ministry Challenge:
Give a Pentecostal handshake

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