Arguinzoni Academy

Are You Ready To Impact the World for Christ?

The Arguinzoni Academy is designed to prepare you for a variety of ministry opportunities.

Select one of four Specialty Ministry Track concentrations, depending on your specific interests and calling: Pastoral, Missionary, Evangelistic, and Administrative.

Each track is specially designed to equip the student with practical tools needed to be effective in the selected concentration.  Each track is also particularly intended for those who feel the call of God to be a part of a ministry team nationally or internationally. Plus, you can earn VETI elective units for each Arguinzoni Academy course.

Access all courses, live, from anywhere in the world. Connect to your course using your laptop, tablet or phone.

At the Arguinzoni Academy you can:

  • Learn inner-city ministry from the unique perspective of Victory Outreach.
  • Receive teaching directly from Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni Sr., the founder of Victory Outreach
  • Connect with VOI Elders, Regional & Multi-Regional Pastors through quarterly online coaching sessions.
  • Earn a certificate in Pastoral, Evangelistic, Missionary or Administrative Ministry.
  • Position yourself to be launched out to the mission field.
  • Complete any Specialty Ministry Track in 1 year.

Download the brochure here.

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There are Four Tracks to Choose From:

1. Pastoral Track

Learn how to prepare for pastoral ministry. Courses in this track:

  1. Introduction to Theology
  2. Introduction to the Bible
  3. Leadership Ethics
  4. Team Ministry
  5. Pioneering a Church
  6. Biblical Counseling
  7. How to Take a City
  8. Admin. Leadership

2. Evangelistic Track

Learn how to effectively proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Courses in this track:

  1. Introduction to Theology
  2. Introduction to the Bible
  3. Leadership Ethics
  4. Team Ministry
  5. Inner-City Ministry
  6. Cross-Cultural Evangelism
  7. City Wide Outreach
  8. Establishing Victory Center

3. Missionary Track

Learn how to serve and reach people across cultures in a mission’s context. Courses in this track:

  1. Introduction to Theology
  2. Introduction to the Bible
  3. Leadership Ethics
  4. Team Ministry
  5. Inner-City Ministry
  6. Cross-Cultural Evangelism
  7. Pioneering a Church
  8. Comparative Religion

4. Administrative Track

Learn how to strengthen and grow the business aspects in a church. Courses in this track:

  1. Introduction to Theology
  2. Leadership Ethics
  3. Team Ministry
  4. Administrative Leadership
  5. Finance
  6. Event Planning
  7. Contracts & Negotiation
  8. Introduction to Real Estate


The Ministry of Education is focused on the mission and vision of Victory Outreach International; to reach the inner cities of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Specialty Ministry Tracks provide cutting edge training that honors the uniqueness of Victory Outreach International.

There are no requirements needed to enroll in any track. All units earned count towards the ministerial licensing requirement and earning a VETI degree. Start your ministry training today and graduate at the 2020 Victory Outreach International World Conference with a Specialty Ministry Track (SMT) Diploma.

To enroll in the course, log into your Victory Outreach account, click on the VETI and then on Arguinzoni Academy or click here:

For more information email or call 909-599-4437.


1. Whats the difference between VETI and the Arguinzoni Academy?
VETI focuses on Bible and Theological training with classes like, Systematic Theology, New Testament Survey, Hermeneutics, Spiritual Disciplines, Church History, etc. The Arguinzoni Academy focuses on practical ministry training and offer courses such as Team Ministry, City Wide Outreach, Admin Leadership, etc.

2. Can I enroll in both VETI and Arguinzoni Academy courses?
Yes, you can enroll in as many courses as you can handle.

3. How long is each Arguinzoni Academy course?
Each Arguinzoni Academy course is 8 hours and consist of two 4-hour sessions. Classes usually meet on Saturday mornings from 8am – Noon PST.

4. How much is one course?
Since all Arguinzoni Academy courses count toward VETI elective credits, the cost is the same as a regular VETI Intensive course, $135. If you do not wish to earn VETI credit (3-units) for a course, you can enroll as an Audit student for only $50. If you do enroll as an audit student, you cannot later decide to pay the difference in order to earn credit.

5. Can I enroll in multiples tracks?
Yes, but it is advisable to enroll in one track first to make sure you finish it.

6. When will the next course be offered?
Click here for the schedule. You can also visit, visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter:

Equipping Men & Women for the Work of the Ministry

Establishing Victory Centers Web

Pioneering a Church3

Cross Cultural Evangelism3

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Academy: Contracts & Ngotiation


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