Day 13

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PSALMS 56:8 – “You number my wanderings, put my tears into Your bottle. Are they not in your book?“
I believe it’ll take brokenness, the courage to slay giants, and the spirit of the servant to usher in our third wave of revival.

In a recent message, my husband told our church “Don’t pray for revival, pray for repentance.” Revival is an outflow of a repented heart.

Oh The Precious Water From Penitent Eyes!
This 3rd wave revival has been expensive! It has taught us how to cry again… Whether from the pain of lessons learned, the mourning of losses, betrayals, or perhaps the pain of enduring our own spiritual process. All of these experiences have been costly and painful seasons in our lives, but they’ve also produced in us the precious water from penitent eyes!
In this chapter, David had just been surrounded by the enemy. He was crying out for God to save him and God reminded him that all of his wanderings were recorded and every tear was stored in a bottle. In other words, “don’t worry, I’m keeping a detailed account of all of your experiences and ‘I AM’ with you!” Every tear that ran down the cheeks of the sufferer went into a leather bottle as a memorial of the experience that crushed them. Let us take on the posture of a student and learn from our experiences, understanding that trials are cruel but they are great teachers if we allow them to instruct us! We must be good stewards of our pain so as to not relive the moments/lessons. Our tears must never be in vain, our voice must never be silenced. If you’re going to suffer, suffer well! Don’t just go through an experience, but GROW through
your experience!

“He numbers our wanderings…”
That meant that every experience David had, God made a detailed note of it. He was a giant slayer but in hiding. The only way to kill our giants is to step back out into the battlefield! David had to hide, he was outnumbered by the enemy. We on the other hand have experience, resources and a large network to draw from. We are not alone! We don’t need a step-by-step guide on how to fight our giants, we are Victory Outreach women, we already have that DNA dwelling inside of us! Weep until you get your fight back! Pick up your jawbone and slay every wicked thing that will rise up against you & your loved ones!

It takes more than a shout to win the world! It’s going to take a lot of hard work.
Someone once shared an illustration with me many years ago: As our mother church was planning a banquet, Sister Julie picked up some napkins and utensils and started to set up some of the tables along with her women. When someone tried to stop her, sister Julie said… “I need to do this, there’s a whole new group of women in our church that have not seen me serve before.” It’s going to take relentless weepers, warriors, and workhorses to preserve the vision for the next generation! “Now also when I am old and grayheaded oh God do not forsake me, until I declare your strength to this generation, Your power to everyone who is to come” – PSALMS 71:18

~Maira Walker – VO Chicagoland

Prayer Target:
To increase United We Can partners and giving

Ministry Challenge:
Bring and unsaved person to church

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