Day 35

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The book of Ruth so reminds me of our present days.  People were fearful and worried about what each new day might bring.  However, all one has to do, is allow ourselves to step into the Bible to see that Gods Word is always clear and sharp to give us hope and direction for our lives. I do encourage you to set time aside each day to refresh your heart with the living Word. Look for gems that will strengthen your inner spirit so that you may confidently say “God is with me”.

What does Ruth bring to us in times such as these? My heart’s sense is that we need to “hear” and be reminded that our good shepherd is always working for our good. The Bible tells us in Ruth 1:6 that Naomi heard how Jehovah had visited his people in giving them bread. This report gave her hope and physical vigor to go forth out of the place where she was and even encouraged her family to go with her!

What prompted this turn of events that actually changed the course of Naomi’s future?

Well, for one, she was in a place where she could hear the good reports of what God was doing, even in the midst of a pagan land. This assures you that even in the midst of what you are facing , you can hear from God! I ask? What is He saying to you?

Secondly Naomi trusted in what God was doing and therefore she took action to return to the land of Judah as we see in Ruth 1:7. And that is still the heart of God for us today. That we would always return to the center of his will, that we would obey and rise up from our situations and praise Him. I ask? Are you in the center of his will?

Lastly we see the change of heart and boldness produced in these women, by obedience, prompted by hearing a word of God. It actually birthed Faith in Ruth to follow Naomi. Chapter 1:16-17, is an inspiring promise of devotion. Renew your devotion today.

That’s what we need today, Faith to be obedient and follow Jesus with devotion and to follow those that go before us. In spite of the dire circumstances we see around us. Even if our families are affected as was Naomi’s. the truth still remains that God is in control. He holds us in His hand. John 10:28-29. Hear, obey and follow Jesus closely.

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