Day 8

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Fast: Water & Juice until 1 p.m.

How is our posture?

Matthew 26:10-13

Here we have the story of Mary who washed the feet of Jesus.

Every time I read this story it always brings me back to the feet of Jesus and all we need is a grateful heart sometimes. The bible introduces her as a sinful woman.  It doesn’t say exactly what she did however, we can all relate to this story because no one is perfect and we all have our personal areas that God is working on. At the same time we have the disciple not just sitting at the table but one translation says reclining at the table. Lord may my heart never recline in your presence.

When she walked into the house where Jesus was everyone knew what she did or had an idea of her. Everyone around her knew what she had done in her past or had an idea of what she had done. The disciples even criticized her and rebuked her harshly for offering it to Jesus. The disciples told her why did you waste it? Why didn’t you just sell it and offer it to the poor? Jesus said wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told. Her action, her posture was more valuable to Jesus than the perfume itself.

She was able to offer one of the most valuable things she had. Not only did she offer expensive perfume, but she broke her jar in order to offer what she had of value. Sometimes we could get so busy and forget that our priority is our relationship with God. I believe that she was not only grateful for what God did in her life, but what God did in the life of her brother Lazarus.

Now is the time for Revival. Now is the time to go deeper with God. However, it starts within us, and our relationship with God. Through these 40 days of fasting and prayer lets go deeper with God like never before and keep our posture like Mary. That our sacrifice would be like Mary’s sacrifice.

Derly Olivera


Prayer Target:
Missionaries and their families’ needs to be met and protection.

Ministry Challenge:
Write a letter to a missionary

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