Day 38

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The Master said, ‘Hurry! Go into the streets and alleys of the town. Bring me the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.’

“Later, the servant said to him, ‘Master, I did what you told me to do, but we still have places for more people.’

The master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and country roads. Tell the people there to come. I want my house to be full.

(Luke 14:21 – 23}

As we begin a new year, I was reflecting on the latter scripture.  I focused on the word “hurry”.  The Master was asking his servant to reach those that are the rejected of society to come to the banquet he had prepared at his home.

“Hurry” because the time is short!  I then looked at our theme for this year, “Passion for the cause” and I connected the two.  The command is still the same.  Pastor Sonny and Julie see the vision of reaching the lost people of the world with the same urgency.  They pass that urgency on to us!  Do you hear it?  Do you feel that passion to see that the work gets done?

Our work is not done yet!  As the servant said, “Master, we still have places for more people” and the Master responds to go out to the highways and country roads to tell people to come because He wants His house to be full.

That same command goes out to all of us!  Victory Outreach has been called to go out into the entire world to reach the Treasures out of darkness so that God’s house can be filled.

So, my Sisters, let us “Hurry”!  This is not the time to get comfortable!  We have a world to reach for Jesus!


Yolanda Prieto

Prayer Target:
A spirit of discipleship in all Victory Outreach churches

Ministry Challenge:
Pass out flyers and evangelize in a group

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