Day 4

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Fast: : No TV or any social media. Only Fruits & vegetables for 24 hours.

Now Is the Time

As we enter into the year 2020 with the theme of “NOW IS THE TIME” you can feel a greater sense of “urgency” to see our Vision come to pass.  The world around us is gradually getting more evil day by day.  When you watch the news or pick up the newspaper we hear about another mass shooting, opioid epidemic, new Coronavirus killing hundreds of people throughout the world, Gang problems especially in Latin American countries, etc. Our Ministry, Victory Outreach, has been raised up by God for such a time as this!  Ecclesiastes 7:10 tells us “Don’t long for the good old days”.  This is not wise.  We cannot sit back and daydream about how things used to be but rather what do we need to do to address the problems that exist NOW!  Are we preparing ourselves through fasting and prayer, training, putting our hands to the plow through street evangelism?  Are we working with the next generation, third wave, so that they will also catch the Vision and step up to take their place in this Ministry?  Are we, ourselves, answering the Call, not only in our local cities, but going to the nations? NOW is the time to evaluate where we are in our journey to win the world for Jesus and get on board.  In Ecclesiastes 3:2 it says, “there is a time to plant and a time to harvest”.  Whether you have been called to plant, (seed, or churches) or to harvest souls (in your own city or in another country), don’t waste any more time.  Remember that, NOW IS THE TIME!

-Yolanda Prieto

Prayer Target:
Pray for your local church pastors and their families

Ministry Challenge:
Take the Homes a special gift

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