Day 21

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Now is the time

“A Commitment That Costs”

Acts 7: 2-60

Stephen, the first Christian martyr, had great influence among the people. (Acts 6: 8)

Even the religious leaders were against him.

But Stephen shows a solid commitment to his convictions.

He stands up firmly and declares what he knows about Christ.

Stephen dies stoned but looking at the sky and asking God to forgive his murderers.

In these last days we need to have this kind of commitment to God and his work.

  1. Have the presence of God in our lives.
  2. The commitment begins in the heart.
  3. The commitment is shown with action.
  4. Commitment keeps us with our eyes on Jesus.

Now is the time! Commitment to the end!

Maria Salazar

Prayer Target:
Our first G.A.N.G. Summer Camp

Ministry Challenge:
Give a Pentecostal handshake.

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