Day 39

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Fight of Faith

Your fight of faith is by remembering God’s promise:

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. Isaiah 54:17a NKJV

In the Fight:

No matter the weapon that is chosen to come against your life, keep the promise in your heart. Never expect the enemy to fight fair because he doesn’t, and he’s very aware of your weaknesses. We have to be women who are willing to soldier up and tackle the weaknesses in our lives because it may get rough, you may get wounded, and you may get stunned. Scars can result from a full on fight, but Jesus had scars he showed them to the disciples as proof he resurrected. Our scars prove that we are overcomers and qualify us to speak to others facing the same situations in their lives.

As you respond to the “Call To Arms” always believe as a soldier “I’m good enough, smart enough, talented enough, committed enough, loyal enough and love enough. Victory Outreach women have been trained and equipped to step into the battle field. But it’s by Faith we walk and believe, not trusting in ourselves as we fight the good fight of faith.

So, keep your Faith, remember that you’ve already won the war and your faith will continue to grow stronger.

Prayer Target:
God’s anointing on all 2020 Special Events- Local and International

Ministry Challenge:
Call 5 people and encourage them

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