Day 25

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Obedience + Opportunity


Those two words come to mind when I look into the life of Naaman’s road to healing found in 2 Kings chapter 5. Naaman was from the Kingdom of Aram and was a well-known mighty warrior, mighty man of war. He was considered the source of the many victories that Aram obtained. However, what many didn’t know was that the same man who had everything; Medals, Wealth, Money… had leprosy. He had to battle both at home and on the battlefield. Nevertheless, an opportunity was presented to him and he had to act in obedience to go and find a cure for his leprosy. Naaman had trouble along his route to healing; doubt, confusion, anger, and even pride. In the end Naaman was given instruction how to receive his healing, he had to dip himself seven times in the Jordan River. Yes, the Jordan river that was known for being muddy, mucky, and gross.

I believe we learn two valuable lessons here. Opportunity doesn’t always present itself to us in a beautiful wrapped box with a red bow, it sometimes hits our lives in the most unconventional way. Just like the opportunity in Naaman’s life required him to dip himself seven times in a dirty river. Opportunity sometimes comes to us in a form of sharing the love of God when we don’t feel our best, when we feel at a low. Opportunity to pledge when our job feels rocky. Opportunity to love when our family is still running wayward. Opportunity doesn’t wait on us; it’ll present itself and we need to seize it. Which brings me to another valuable lesson, having Obedience. We need to be obedient when opportunity is presented. Obedience shouldn’t come at our convenience. Naaman wouldn’t have received his healing if he would’ve stopped dipping himself at the 5th time. He had to be obedient and dip seven times. Obedience comes in many ways and sometimes requires yourself to keep doing the same thing, over and again.

Naaman came out of the river healed and a believer. A mighty warrior who fought in many battles gained his greatest victory he’d ever win- by seizing his opportunity and being obedient.

Let us be women who seize and react. Who seize Opportunity + react in Obedience?

Prayer Target:
Strong Marriages and unity in families

Ministry Challenge:
Write an encouraging letter to a missionary

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