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The Fall quarter begins September 18, 2023
Click here for the Fall quarter course list.


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      21. Prepare to be a licensed minister.
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    Victory Education & Training Institute

    V.E.T.I. is a cutting-edge Bible Institute providing biblical, ministerial, and leadership training. VETI is the starting point for those seeking to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and Theology. Our primary vision is to equip men & women for the work of the ministry. Click here for more.

    At V.E.T.I. you can:

        1. EARN an Associate’s in Bible and Theology.
        2. COMPLETE your studies in as little as 2 years from the largest Bible institute in the nation.
        3. LEARN from faculty who embody the mission and vision of Victory Outreach International.
        4. TRANSFER V.E.T.I. units toward a Bachelor’s in Christian Ministry at Victory Outreach Bible College and partnering Universities.
        5. EXPERIENCE LIVE online courses and interact with instructors and students in real-time.
        6. PREPARE to be a Licensed Minister or Youth Pastor.

    If you have any questions call 909-599-4437. Classes are offered at over 90 V.E.T.I. Extensions all over the world.

    Victory Outreach Bible College (V.O.B.C.)

    Victory Outreach Bible College (V.O.B.C.) is the next step for VETI graduates. V.O.B.C. is committed to equipping men and women called by God to serve in the manifold ministries of the church as pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, and leaders in the changing world. We are “Equipping Visionary Leaders to Reach the Inner Cities of the world. To begin, visit


    At Victory Outreach Bible College (VOBC) you can:

        1. EARN a Bachelor’s in Christian Ministry in as little as 18 months.
        2. TAKE classes from anywhere in the world. All courses are streamed LIVE worldwide.
        3. LEARN from professors with Masters’ and Doctorate degrees.
        4. TRANSFER your units, after graduation, to one of our partnering schools to earn a nationally accredited Master’s degree.
        5. CHOOSE a convenient payment plan, as low as $112.50 in 2 payments, for the tuition of $3150.
        6. START today!  Visit

    If you have any questions call 909-599-4437.

    The Arguinzoni Academy

    Are You Ready To Impact the World for Christ?  The Arguinzoni Academy is designed to prepare students for a variety of ministry opportunities. Select one of four Specialty Ministry Track concentrations, depending on your specific interests and calling: Pastoral, Missionary, Evangelistic, and Administrative. Each track is specially designed to equip the student with the practical tools needed to be effective in the selected concentration.

    At the Arguinzoni Academy you can:

        1. Learn inner-city ministry from the unique perspective of Victory Outreach.
        2. Receive teaching directly from Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni Sr., the founder of Victory Outreach
        3. Connect with VOI Elders, Regional & Multi-Regional Pastors through quarterly online coaching sessions.
        4. Earn a certificate in Pastoral, Evangelistic, Missionary, or Administrative Ministry.
        5. Position yourself to be launched out to the mission field.
        6. Complete any Specialty Ministry Track in 1 year. Click here to begin.

    If you have any questions call 909-599-4437.

    Third Wave, School of Leadership, Campus

    Accelerate your leadership growth and your ministry through a transformational learning experience. If you sense the calling of God upon your life to impact this generation, the Third Wave Campus “School of Leadership” provides all of the training you need. For details visit:

    At the Third Wave Campus, you can:

    1. Prepare to be a licensed minister.
    2. Live on campus and interact with students and faculty.
    3. Earn a 6-month or 12-month Diploma in Urban Ministry Leadership
    4. Attend VETI day classes (at VO Whittier and VO Chino).
    5. Participate in Ministry Practicums: Victory Centers, chapel experience, local church growth evaluations, service takeovers,
      ministry involvement, urban evangelism, short-term missions, and exposure to base church leadership.

    If you have any questions call 909-599-4437.




    VETI graduates can take the next step and enroll in Victory Outreach Bible College (VOBC) see below, or transfer into Vanguard University.

    Bachelor of Arts degree in Ministry and Leadership
    Victory Education & Training Institute (VETI) is proud to share a partnership with Vanguard University (VU) that allows VETI graduates to transfer to VU for the completion of a fully-accredited bachelor’s degree in Religion with an emphasis in Ministry and Leadership.  VETI students transferring to VU will have the option of studying on campus in Costa Mesa, Calif., or online in a peer group that shares their values.  All VETI graduates will receive a 25% discount on their upper-division coursework that they can complete in as little as two years. Click here for details:

    Masters of Arts degree in Ministry and Leadership Studies
    VOBC graduates can continue their education in transformational leadership by completing their Master of Arts degree in Leadership Studies at Vanguard University.  VOBC graduates can study LIVE online or in the classroom at the Vanguard campus in Costa Mesa, Calif. The VOBC and Vanguard partnership agreement also provide students with a 25% tuition discount.  Click here for details:



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