Mike Honda – Congress

Whereas, Victory Outreach San Jose is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, and it is appropriate at this time to highlight its many achievements and to underscore the positive impact that it has made in the lives of countless individuals in the local community and beyond; and
Whereas, Victory Outreach Ministries of San Jose was established in the Silicon Valley in July 1979 by Pastor Ed Morales and his wife, Mitzi; and
Whereas, Victory Outreach is a multi-cultural ministry with a vision dedicated to empowering people to achieve their full potential in life; and
Whereas, Victory Outreach has established effective special services homes for men, women, and youth aimed at eliminating some of society’s most pressing problems, including crime, drugs, and gangs; and
Whereas, Victory Outreach actively participates with a wide array of public and private organizations to combat the most serious problems that face individuals, and those who have joined its cause have expressed their commitment to give their lives through volunteering their time, energy, and finances to help others; and
Whereas, Victory Outreach has proved vital in guiding individuals to a life of self-fulfillment, and its positive impact extends beyond the individuals it assists to their families and to the general community and will be felt for generations to come; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by Assembly Member Mike Honda, That Victory Outreach San Jose be commended on the celebration of its twentieth anniversary and on the vital services it has provided to individuals facing immense personal challenges, and that Pastor Ed Morales and his wife, Mitzi, and all those individuals who have volunteered their time at Victory Outreach be applauded for their efforts.

Honorable Mike Honda, 23rd Assembly District of San Jose
April 1, 1999