John Ashcroft


I send special greetings to Pastor Sonny, Senior, to his lovely wife, Julie, and to Pastor Sonny, Junior. Your vision and your sacrifice over the past several years has brought Victory Outreach from a small beginning to a world-wide organization reaching millions of people all across America and around the globe. Thanks to you and all the members of Victory Outreach for meeting the needs of so many. You are touching and transforming lives in a manner that government simply cannot duplicate. Your vision of reaching out to help people who might be described as the least of these is a noble one. The kindness, the compassion, and the caring spirit of faith-based organizations all across the country, like Victory Outreach, are the basis and the focus of this Administration’s faith-based initiative. At the Department of Justice, our faith-based center is actively working towards ways in which we can partner with faith-based and community-based organizations to meet the needs of many people. Working together, we can improve the lives of all Americans, no matter what their circumstances may be. Congratulations on your World Conference. I look forward to seeing fruit from the plans you will be making.

May God bless all of you and may God bless America.

John Ashcroft

Office of the Attorney General Washington D.C. 20530

July 15, 2002