Day 29

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Making sure the 3rd Wave is equipped with Vision

Judges 2:6-7

Joshua’s generation, to the new generation who were to possess the land. The new generation did not know the lord in a personal experiential sense. While they were aware of His past works, they did not have a personal faith and trust in God.

(Christian standard bible)

The new generations of Israelites did not know the Lord and obey His word.

How tragic that the generation led by Joshua saw such great miracles at the hand of God, and yet failed to instill in their children a living faith.

If we are not listening to what is being taught to us, we could also be like this generation not instilling what has been given to us and depositing it into our third wave generation. If we have heard the hearts of our founders and have done nothing with what has been giving to us our 3rd wave generation will not accomplish the vision with the power and anointing that was upon the first generation.

So, it is very important to be obedient, and to reach our 3rd wave and invest in what has been given to us, It is also important to invest in our 3rd wave so that the vision will continue strong, and fulfilling the heart of the vision that is set before us.

We cannot allow this third wave to die down. We must continue to keep the anointing on this ministry burning. We cannot fail this generation, it is the responsibility that has been given to us from the first generation, and to deposit it in our new generation so they can continue the calling that has been upon Victory Outreach Int. since 1967. Let us not lose focus. They are waiting for us to pass the baton. Which is the vision of our ministry. Teach them to pray and read the word of God and to understand the calling on this great movement of God.

It is up to you and me to instill the vision and calling of God to the 3rd wave.

In JESUS name.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sis Lori Coleman


Prayer Target:
Miraculous healings to take place in VOI and for all who are sick in body

Ministry Challenge:
Memorize a scripture

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