Day 13

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Fast: Daniel Fast for 24 hours

The Threshing Floor of Change

But the king replied to Araunah, “No, I insist on buying it, for I will not present burnt offerings to the Lord my God that have cost me nothing.”

2 Samuel 24:24 (NLT)

A little history: if you read all of Ch. 24 in 2 Samuel, you find a predicament. The Lord was angry with the people of Israel. This is repeated throughout history, and we see here in this chapter that the Lord was angry again with his people because of their idolatry, paganism, and ungodly standard of living. Being the Almighty Creator that He is, instead of letting his people stay in the same mentality and lifestyle (condition, if you will), He allows for something to take place that will cause definite change. It was an unfortunate circumstance, but sometimes that’s the only way people will allow their attention to be redirected back to God.

There are 3 things I want us to catch from this:

1 Change comes with a price. If we want to become all that God has desired for us to be, it is going to require us to change. Someone once said that to answer the call of God is going to come with a price.

2 Change comes with pressure. In order for the true value to be produced, pressure must be applied. And sometimes, it’s heavy pressure. HEAVY. Some of my best and most challenging moments have come when I’m under HEAVY pressure. They say that certain things will either make you or break you.

3 Change produces value. Sometimes there are things in our lives that can hinder or devalue what God has given us. Those things must be removed in order for us to be effective and affective (think about it). Sometimes if they get stuck, a little tossing and shifting will be done. Just like the sifting of wheat, the things that lack value in our lives will be tossed up and removed by the wind, but the things of substance is left for us.

I truly believe that we are stepping into an era where as the calling of God goes forth, the preparation of Gods people will begin to rapidly take place like never before. Because of this beautiful Vision God has given our ministry, we see that there is a need for more people to rise up and answer the call.

-Anastasia Volz


Prayer Target:
To increase United We Can partners and giving

Ministry Challenge:
Bring and unsaved person to church

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