The mission of Victory Outreach is to plant churches throughout the world. Breaking with the conventional view that the mission field is overseas, we believe any church planted in an under-served area is a mission, be it in America or remote Africa.

However, a full one-third of all Victory Outreach church planted are overseas.  We often plant churches in the neediest areas such as Bogotá, Columbia, where violence has reached epidemic proportions. Our workers in Bogotá work under the constant threat of harm.

Another challenging area is Israel, where racial and religious intolerance is ripping the nation apart. Our workers witness many injustices committed by various warring factions including suicide bombings.

Recently, we have been experiencing growth in Nigeria, Africa. Nigeria is currently fighting its own war — on AIDS — with over 4 million people infected with the deadly disease. This epidemic is predicted to result in 2.5 million AIDS orphans by 2010. Our church in Lagos, Nigeria is fighting for the rights of impoverished and displaced people.

Our churches in Indonesia and El Salvador also labor under hazardous conditions. Yet, the threat of global terrorism has not deterred us — in fact – the challenge has fueled a new determination within our missionaries.

At Victory Outreach we believe no matter how downcast a person is, once they surrender their life to Jesus Christ, He unleashes and realizes the greatness of their potential. In turn, they can reach others in like manner.

If you would like more information about our mission projects or would like to help support our works both in America and aboard, please visit our

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