Urban Training Center

To build an army, you need soldiers. To be a soldier, you need basic training.

There’s a war in the inner city. Addictions wreak havoc.  Families are breaking down. People are dying.  Gangs run wild. There is a need for spiritual soldiers, young people called to a mission and visionaries who set out to make a difference.

Yes, it is a battle zone, but for those who are chosen to rise to the challenge, there is a place for young people to build a rock solid foundation. That place is the Victory Outreach Urban Training Center.

A Curriculum to Change the World, One Individual at a Time

The U.T.C. has constructed a rigorous academic program.  The purpose is to train young people in four areas: Personal Development, Church Leadership, Church Planting and Missions Outreach. Student classes include: Urban Evangelism, Developing Your Spiritual Gifts, Becoming a Dynamic Transmitter of God’s Word and Becoming A Godly Leader, just to name a few. The faculty consists of dynamic pastors and teachers from a diversity of backgrounds. Each has practical, hands-on experience. Upon graduation, students have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and how its power can be applied today.

The Only War We’ll Ever Lose Is The One We Never Fight

Are you a young person ready to experience the joy of helping hurting people on the front lines of ministry? Do you feel a need to undergird your faith with a vibrant, new understanding of scripture?  Are you called to make an impact for God?  If you would like to enlist in this unique army dedicated to bringing personal discovery and lasting peace, contact the U.T.C.

Urban Training Center Corporate Office
(909) 599-4437
P.O. Box 3760
San Dimas, Ca. 91773

East and West Coast:

Semester6 Months Begins1 Year Begins
Winter January 10th – July 10th January 10th – December 10th
Summer July 10th – December 10th July 10th – July 10th

South Africa and Mexico:

Semester6 Months Begins1 Year Begins
WinterJanuary 10th – July 10thJanuary 10th – December 10th
SpringApril 10th – October 10thApril 10th – April 10th
SummerJuly 10th – December 10thJuly 10th – July 10th
FallOctober 10th – April 10thOctober 10th – October 10th


Semester6 Months Begins
WinterJanuary 10th – July 10th
SpringApril 10th – October 10th
SummerJuly 10th – December 10th
FallOctober 10th – April 10th
Enrollment Policies
  • Age: 18 to 35 years of age.
  • Single
  • 6 Month to 1 year commitment
  • Holiday: Christmas Vacation – 1 week
  • Dress code strictly enforced.
  • Dating: No dating – Expectation is total focus and spiritual commitment to the Training Program.
  • Round Trip Ticket
  • Medical Insurance : Personal or Group Programs
  • Financial Obligation Non-refundable and Non-transferable.

Tuition includes, rooming, meals, binder and transportation to all local evangelistic events

New Students

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Tuition Fee:

Six Months Tuition Fee for East, West Coast, Mexico and Panama
$2,500.00(USD) (applicable for consecutive session)
One Year Tuition Fee for East, West Coast, Mexico and Panama
Six Months Tuition Fee for South Africa
$1,500.00 USD (applicable for consecutive session
One Year Tuition Fee for South Africa
$3,000.00 USD

UTC Locations:

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