United We Can

“United We Can” has forged a pathway of hope in the inner-cities, where there was wasn’t any. People that are lost, from Amsterdam to Cape Town … from Panama to New Zealand, are hearing about
how the love of Christ can set them free.

There are Victory Outreach Churches in over thirty countries; in six out of the seven continents… but this is only the beginning. If everyone comes together, efforts can be multiplied throughout the world. Victory Outreach International can bring the gospel to the downtrodden and the forgotten, at a more rapid pace.

Won’t you join us? If you’re not a “United We Can” partner yet, we would like to challenge you join us today. You can start by becoming a Covenant Partner and faithfully give a $1 a day… just $1 a day.
Every dollar makes a difference, when it comes to reaching those that are in need.  Becoming a Direct Pay Partner makes giving easier.

Your recurring gift to “United We Can” can be deducted from your checking or credit / debit card account. Visit or call (909) 599-4437 to sign up today.


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