United We Can Posting Day


We are excited to be starting a brand-new United We Can Instagram account to share all of the incredible stories that are happening around the world! But we need you!

Here are three things you can do to make a major impact:

  1. Follow our brand new “United We Can”Instagram account. @voiunitedwecan
  1. Join us on Posting Day! Attached to this email is a set of graphics that we have prepared for every member of Victory Outreach. Our goal is for everyone in Victory Outreach to post together!
  • Post one of the graphics below on Instagram.
  • Use caption: UNITED WE CAN make a difference around the world!
  • Tag @voiunitedwecan on the photo
  • Make sure to post promptly on Saturday, May 2nd@ 9AM
  • Visit the new United We Can website at http://unitedwecan.victoryoutreach.org