Day 17

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John 8:32

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” NLT

 Once in a season of identity crisis, wife, mother, and pioneering a church; had resulted in my potters wheel of circumstance feeling (I use that word intentionally) that I had begun to lose who I was. Really I was just having a little shaping and touch up to my pot (perspective). My conversation with the Lord one morning had been, I feel (there’s that word again) like I am in the corner curling up and dying.

 Aisle 5 loaded with a trolley, food for fellowship, nappies for baby, toiletries for the husband and nothing for me! Yes that’s right, nothing for me. I looked momentarily at the trolly in my hand and a piercing of resentment hit my heart. “What about you? It’s always about others it’s never about you, what about what you need? Do you know what you even like anymore?”

 This thought became a full on conversation with three people… me, myself and I! A pitty party began to take place, and the truth was I didn’t even need anybody else to join because it was quite crowded with me, myself and I.

 Racing towards the exit and my private party was suddenly gate crashed by an unexpected guest, the Holy Spirit, “Curl up and die? You are not curling up and dying, you are submitting and surrendering.” And there it was, FREEDOM! That was my truth, and that truth instantly set my heart free from resentment, because I did not just hear it, but embraced it. That truth brought comfort and a peace as I recognised how swiftly God had saved me from myself.

 Sometimes God has us hidden in a place of obscurity, beavering away in the busyness of life in order to purify our hearts. We have to take hold of some truths in the reassurance that His grace is sufficient for us, that even when others don’t know, He knows. It is in this place that He can smash our desire for order, regiment, religion; replacing it with faith, relationship and freedom. In this place of obscurity we should not be in a rush to come out, for it is here that His strength is made strong through our weaknesses. It is here that He enables our character to no longer be out weighed by our anointing. Today I encourage you to relentlessly pursue your truth for your season.

 Danielle Farrell


Victory Outreach Church Liverpool



Prayer Target:
Growth in UWC members & financial increase to accomplish the Vision

Ministry Challenge:
Give a special UWC gift today

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