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Fall Quarter Announcement!

Registration for the fall quarter begins Monday, August 21, 2015.  The last day to enroll in a course is on the first day of class.  Fall classes begin on the week of September 21st.

2015  V.E.T.I. Calendar

1st Quarter: January 26, 2015.  Students will be able to see all courses by December 26, 2014.
2nd Quarter: April 20, 2015.  Students will be able to see all courses by March 20, 2015.
3rd Quarter: July 20,2015.  Students will be able to see all courses by June 20, 2015.
4th Quarter: September 21, 2015.  Students will be able to see all courses by August 21, 2015.

*  4th quarter courses will be turned in by your local coordinator by August 10, 2015
*  Intensive courses are usually submitted by coordinators 30 days before the course begins.

Each course consists of 24 hours of lecture and discussion (normally 8 weeks of 3-hour classes) plus approximately 2 hours per week of homework.  The summer quarter consists of 5 week 3-hours classes plus approximately 2 hours per week of homework.  If you have any questions please contact your local V.E.T.I. Coordinator. If after contacting your coordinator you still need help, email: or call 909-599-4437.

  1. Free Student Orientation Kit
  2. VETI World Map
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  4. Master Course Checklist
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  6. The VETI Network
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  10. Login and Registration
  11. Master’s Degree Program.
  12. Victory Outreach Bible College.

Online Students

Online classes begin at the time as on-site courses. The last day to enroll into an online class is the first day of class.  Online students will not be able to log into their specific course until the first day of class.  To register for an online class click on the “Register Today” button.   On the first day of class visit: and log into your course using your registration username and password.  For details how online classes work click here.  Please note: the username and password for your free account on is separate from your Victory Outreach account.

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VETI World Map

VETI World Map

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