MTC – Prepare To Launch


To prepare, position and launch leaders to take cities around the world


MTC is a specially designed program to prepare leaders for their Mission. Our focus is to create a recruitment track for potential Pastors and Team members. This would serve as an opportunity for the VOI leadership to not only train, but get to know and assess the applicants for the purpose of confirming their potential and placing them in one of our international works according to their strengths and the need.

Fourfold Strategy

After selecting and enlisting the candidates into the MTC the preparation would consist of a live-in 6 month program facilitated in Whittier Ca, hosted by VO Whittier. Their time would be intentional focusing on the roles and functions of the Ministerial Team while fulfilling the challenges given to them to produce a hands on experience. We know some things cannot be taught, but they must be caught. The Candidate must identify and understand the dynamics of these Teams and what it is that is making them successful.

  1. Relational empowerment – VOI leadership will personally invest in developing candidates through mentoring and coaching experiences
  2. Focused training – Intentional instruction will be provided for candidates with an emphasis on church planting, core ministries, team leadership, and strategies to break open a city.
  3. Preparation through hands on leadership experience – Opportunities to serve as a point leader will be provided in several areas of ministry within the local church and the surrounding community.
  4. Strategic placement – Under the guidance of our VOI Leadership, candidates will be launched into the mission field as a pastor, mid-line leader, or a team member based upon their calling, gift-mix assessment survey, and overall training evaluation.

This will also be an opportunity for VETI to provide credit for 4 specialized church planting elective courses to strategically prepare the candidates as follows:

  1. Church Planting
  2. Cross-Cultural Awareness and Ministry Effectiveness
  3. Developing a Master Plan to Take a City
  4. Establishing a Victory Center.

*Instructors to be determined by MTC Leadership.

To prepare, position and launch leaders to take cities around the world

Training Goals(6Mo.):

  • Pioneer evangelistic Victory Centers.
  • Build strategic relationships with MTC Committee Members & VOI leadership.
  • Gain exposure to Multi Regional Churches.
  • Lead 3 street rallies.
  • Earn VETI units.
  • Experience LIVE Online trainings with VOI Leadership.
  • Assist in international projects.
  • Learn the administrative processes and procedures necessary for Intl Departments.
  • Internalize and communicate the global vision of VOI.
  • Understand how to develop a plan to break open a city.
  • Serve as point leader for specialized ministries.
  • Plan and participate in a local church plant.
  • Grow the Victory Center to 50 people.
  • Develop replacement leader for the Victory Center.
  • Add 5 families to the church.
  • Analyze 2 local churches and submit a report.


Upon the completion of the 6-month training the Multi-Regionals will interview the graduate to determine where they will serve. This will also ensure that the right kind of help gets to the right place.

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